Glowing skin is always in fashion

There is nothing more beautiful than well-groomed skin. It is our barrier and protection, our refuge, but at the same time it is also that unchangeable accessory that is an inseparable part of us always and everywhere. That is why, since ancient times, women have taken care to have beautiful and glowing skin. Today, the best care we can give our skin is in the form of cosmetics with 24K gold.

To look good, the skin of our body needs to be hydrated and nourished. If we want to have a tempting and irresistible look, today's trends require her to be glamorous and with a light natural tan, as if she were kissed by the sun. We can easily achieve this with the help of Suga Buba's real gold glitter body products.

In addition to the beautiful appearance of the skin, in recent years more and more attention has been paid to its health. Experts around the world recommend limiting excessive exposure to the sun. And also to stop using the solarium if we want to keep our skin young and healthy for a longer time. In this case, Suga Buba's White Truffle Shimmering Body Oil and Gold Particle Body Gloss are the perfect choice for us.

Fashion standards inexorably impose the image of a sexy woman with shiny and tanned skin. She looks like she just got back from an exotic vacation. That is why the cosmetics industry began to look for solutions that satisfy not only our desire to be beautiful and tempting, but also our desire to preserve the health of our skin. With Suga Buba body products containing real gold particles , there 's no need to choose between health and beauty. We can achieve both at the same time.

The shiny gloss with 24K gold combines the properties of moisturizing and nourishing the skin, but also of giving it that much-desired shine and tan. And no, it's not self-tanner that makes us blotchy. This is a new generation of products that give the skin up to one tone darker appearance and glossy finish , and the effect lasts until washing.

They contain nourishing ingredients that nourish the skin  with her necessary hydration. And the glittering particles of real gold give that irresistible, eye-catching look that every woman dreams of.

Globally, stars don't just use body cosmetics with gold . They believe so strongly in its positive properties that they make it part of their cosmetic collections. Rihanna launched her 'body lava' product, part of her Fenty Beauty brand, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian also own similar glitter body products.

In Bulgaria, this concept of healthy and beautiful skin is embodied in Suga Buba products, providing nourishment, tan and glow in one. What sets the 24K Gold Shimmering Lotion and the White Truffle Body Oil apart is the fact that they are completely vegan, with no animal products in their composition. In addition, there are no preservatives, parabens or silicones in Suga Buba products. This makes them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. And last but not least – they have never been tested on animals in any form.

 Suga Buba offers the fastest and healthiest way to perfect your skin in seconds, day and night.

 During the day - with "Body Emulsion with Shea Butter and White Truffle":

- contains neck oil;

- contains white truffle;

- intensively and long-lasting hydrates the skin;

- it contains more than 20 types of mica with shades of silver.

 At night with 24K Gold Body Gloss:

- with 24-carat gold;

- makes the skin one tone darker;

- smoothes imperfections;

- gives a glossy and shiny effect;

- hydrates;

- over 20 types of mica with a golden hue.

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