in love with
the magic of glitter

Our history...


We at Suga Buba have set out to create products that highlight the beauty of a woman's curves with a glossy shine. To achieve this we focused on finding a special formula. A formula that's not the usual bronzer and not just a product to be used only on the beach. We wanted something more. With SugaBuba we are after something that will make us feel like real goddesses. The result of numerous studies, exhibitions, collaborations with top professionals in the industry, using special formulas and designer fragrances, we have achieved our goal. We created SugaBuba's one-of-a-kind products. When applied to the skin, they have the power to transform any woman's look into a special event. Because we care for the skin, each formula contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients. And some are together with 24K gold and silver glitter micro particles. The result? Thousands of women who impress with perfect and glowing skin every day.

Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free

Our products are not tested on animals at any stage of production. All products marked as vegan do not contain ingredients of animal origin. Without parabens, sulfates and silicones.


Our collaboration with French perfumers has paid off and our products smell great. The fresh aromas of chewing gum and cookies are part of the incredible feeling of freshness and lightness accompanying our products.


In line with our brand philosophy, all packaging of products from our #BIOGlam series are created from 100% biodegradable materials and do not harm nature.